Sensuality, Desire & Intense Pleasure

Sensual Massage Services

If you’d like more information about any of my services and or sessions that I offer please send and fill in the Make an inquire form me to schedule an appointment to chat with me about your inquire of the specialty service specific to you. This is where you can ask questions and your opportunity to better understand how one of these special sessions works.

Note: All my services are available to your hotel in Sydney CBD. I have a suit case full of implements. Out calls may incure a travel fee and parking if I travel outside of the Sydney CBD.

*It is compulsory to all  clients are to provide a 50% deposit via bank transfer or credit card. As you may require to cancel. If you decide to re book, then your deposit can be put to your next is booking. Click here

Loyalty packages

Having regular session and being a part of a loyalty package on either a weekly- fortnightly or monthly will allow you to lock in appointment time slots that will have you go deeper into your exploration of BDSM and your KINKY side. This is not just about pain and pleasure or being kinky it is also about personal growth and personal development and take to a different level of understanding yourself.

This will allow you to experience and explore much more and for me to have fun and me to get an understanding of your kinky side to push those boundaries in a safe and consensual environment with the element of pain and pleasure, so that you can intergrade into your own sexuality and intimacy. I cater to small groups (3 to 4 ppl). Submission play sessions are a minimum of 2- hours. If you have been thinking and visualised and or fantasising about being dominated with your partner or others and friends and share your experiences of submission while at the same time exploring your own individual desires/kinks. Whatever you decide to explore together or like to be done to you or one another your connection as a couple/group will be an amazing exploration and experience will deepen your connection wit each other. I encourage getting a deeper connecting with your partner or partners to nurture your relationship(s) and explore BDSM/KINKY pleasures that you enjoy together that you can also incorporate into your every day life.


Couples or small groups (3-4 people) Submission ~ 2 hrs minimum:
  • Have you ever fantasized about being dominated together?
  • Would you like to share a simultaneous experience of submission while having your own individual kinky desires and pleasures met?
  • What kinky things would you like to do together?
  • What would you like to see be done to one another?

Your bond as a couple or group may be deepened through this unique experience of submitting together to one person. Come and nurture your relationship and receive kinky pleasures that you can share and compare as you return to your daily life.

Specialty Out call Sessions

Kinky Full Body Massage From 1.5 hrs. To 2 hrs. And up to overnight:
  • Feeling stressed and want to just let go and enjoy surrendering to pleasure
  • Need a good sensual erotic massage and exploration of your intimacy kink and BDSM?

Want to add more activities like BDSM/KINK or Sensual kink full body massage? Can you take being relaxed and be restrained- spanked. I can provide you with deep body massage with BDSM play including impact play-spanking-flogging-caning as desired. I will massage you with a variety of toys and sensation of feeling amazing and rejuvenated.

For the pleasure-seeker -1.5 hrs minimum:
    • Are you craving to discover and explore your kinky quirky side in a sensual way?
    • Are you curious about BDSM and getting tied up?
    • Do you fantasise about exploring and being kinky?
    • Do you want to experience and explore impact play for example getting spanked, flogged, and canned sensually?

BDSM is an experience and practices that varies from soft and gentle to soft and rough and soft to hard. Depending on where you are on the scale of pain threshold. Do you like more of a soft to gentle or more of a sensual pain slut of kinky/BDSM? Impact play/bondage and sensual domination is a way to being a foreplay and tease play session. Kink/BDSM is an expression of sensual bondage playful fun way.

For the Masochist/Pain Sluts ~ 2 hrs minimum:
  • Ever feel like you need a good hard working over?
  • Do you experience your play partner(s) getting tired just when you are getting warmed up?

Sometimes you simply want it nice and harder than you are getting it. Come and let me work you over the way you want/need it. I tend to have a special affinity for masochists/pain sluts because I love long and hard play. Though it’s not only about harder… it’s also about your emotional and psychological needs and experience. Come and have your needs satisfied.

Couple’s Submissive –
Experience – 2 hrs minimum:
  • What kind of kinky fantasies experience are you and your partner seeking looking for? Fun together while your male partner watches? And or gets involved?

  • Have you talked and visualized about submitting and wanting to experience for a while and you are ready to experience it for real now?

  • Would you like to explore some of the deeper psychological, emotional and erotic aspects of it?

I would encourage exploring this experience together where you and your partner feel connected while I begin to take control and dominate your partner. Enjoy and watch your partner fell pleasure and pain with my dominating hands. As you see your partner enjoying the pain and pleasure by an experience dominate. The experience will leave you wanting to explore more and come back for more?

Domination for two or small group of 3-4 people ~ 2 hrs minimum:

  • Do you want to experience being dominated with an intimate friend or lover(s) who you would like to share the experience with?

This is a great way to experience and a cost effective way for a group dynamic to explore together. Come and enjoy watching your partner or lover(s) enjoying the pain and pleasure of submission and have their desires/fantasies and pleasures become reality. What BDSM/KINKY exploration would you like to explore and experience. Your connection and bond will be deeper though this experience of submitting.


Kinky role play for curious women. Explore and have first experiences ~ 2 hrs minimum:
  • Want to explore and experience BDSM?
  • Would you like to explore and experience your BDSM/Kinky/taboo fantasies/role plays and have no play to experience in real life. Now you can…

Once you explore and experience your desires and fantasies, you may want to dive even deeper and want to explore even more. Here is your opportunity to go for what you want in a safe environment and with an experienced Master.

Kinky exhibitionist or voyeur  ~1.5 hrs minimum:

  • Would you like the idea and to experience the joy of being watched by me and/or your partner(s) in a kinky space or public?
  • Would you like to be put on display?

This session is for you if you desire being watched and/or watching your partner(s) in a kinky space.