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About Sensual Massage For Women Sydney

First off, it is absolutely normal that you have concerns, hesitations, reservations or questions before booking your massage service, especially if this is your first time. Even before deciding if this is the service according to your needs and expectations.

If you have more questions or I have not answered your questions send me an SMS and contact me. I will be really happy to talk to you!

FAQs and Topics

As you can see the topics of the questions go from protocol issues to intimate aspects about sex.

Most Common FAQs     

No. All I am a sole trader and a male massage therapist who is an expert in my field of sexuality intimacy and sexology. I help women upskill their intimacy so that you have an amazing sexlife.  Since I value long term relationship with all my clients. As a personal service I pride on providing an intimate  special private service for you. 

I offer sensual full body massage that includes yoni massage and all intimate areas of your body. I also provide the tie & tease, BDSM; fetish services for all women and couples only. From the age of 25 years and older. All bodies, ethnicities and orientations are welcome.

Our Members Only services are for preferred and screened clients.

If we are unsure you are in fact over 25 we will ask you for ID before proceeding.  

As you can imagine, this is a frequent FAQs. So let’s get to the point. Another difference between an escort and a my professional sensual erotic massage are that my goal and intention is about you and your exploration to your entire whole mind and body. While an escort will take you to climax as fast as possible to end ASAP. My focus is completely to take my time and slowly explore with you longer. Your enjoyment will be much longer and your orgasm will be so much more powerful, longer and much more satisfying. Women who come for the first time always tell me that the service that I provide is an amazing journey. 

I only can offer you out-call only. I only focusing on outcall to hotels.

I can serve you at your private apartment, at your hotel room —we are always discrete— and privacy is paramount. 

I always adapt to your choice of hotel and to your personal convenience. Since it is only an out-call service, I do set up the hotel with ambiance so that your massage experience will be an experience to remember. 

About The Service

This service is absolutely discrete. Your identity is completely safe and private and there is no compromising on that. I will never compromise expose you to any kind of uncomfortable situations. My focus is to proceed with the service in the privacy of your hotel room. Once you are in your hotel room all you have to do is provide me with your hotel room number. Once I arrive to the hotel the staff do not know why I am there and all I do is ask the staff at front desk is, I am here to see xyz person in xyz room and they will call your room and let me up to your floor. Complete privacy is my goal for all my services and for you.

Yes I mainly serve straight couples and lesbian couples. As a Straight couple I do focus on the female only and as a lesbian couple I can service both of you if you so desire. Best to inform me with your requirements and discuss the most relevant details so I can provide you with your specific needs and your fantasies!

You don’t have to meet any specific conditions to enjoy the sensual erotic massage services —as long as you are older than 21 years. It is important that you share with me that your personal hygiene is up to date as this is very important to me and to you. Mutual respect is also extremely important and relevant.

Usually I start with my undershorts on (unless you choose the wet and wild service as an add on) and remove them part way through the massage. If you prefer it I can be naked from the beginning

You will be slowly and erotically undressed by me you will be wearing a blindfold, so that your senses are heightened even more. As I slowly use soft touches to arouse your skin and mind. I will then place you on the massage table covering you with a blanket over your entire body, which will be removed shortly after the start. You will be naked since every part of your body will be included in the massage. For the best sensual erotic massage experience it is best for us, both to be naked and to allow the flow of energy and the energy to run free and wild.


Sensual massage is intended for you to becoming aroused, and Horney as it is a foreplay session to build you up slowly to what I call (slow sex). However the focus is on the whole mind and body to enjoy the entire sensual erotic journey and enjoy the deeply relaxing and feel-good experience.

Yes I highly recommend that the freer you are to explore and interact with me will allow you to explore and experience freedom of your sexuality and intimacy you have permission from me to interact as much as you feel like as you will react to my touch and from your unconscious mind and body. Sensual massage involves close body contact and intimate touch and interaction with me tends to happen naturally during the massage- All you have to do is give yourself permission to play and enjoy your playtime. Most women feel that when they let go and interact and play they find it is total freedom.

I will arrive at your private hotel room with all my equipment. I will walk in and greet you with a smile and hand you the bottle of wine, as I focus on setting up the room and massage table with candles great music and at the same time chatting to you to build rapport to have you feel more comfortable with what is just about to unfold and happen. Depending on what you booked. We will have a short consultation discuss brief how the session will unfold and give you permission to explore and play. Please note: that I will refuse to massage you if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. After the consultation we will begin your massage for the full-booked time.

The massage session is mainly 1.5 hours and up to an overnight. The most common session is the 2-hour sensual erotic massage session. Unless you have booked the wet and wild add on that will require a little more time. Please be at your hotel room promptly at lease 25 minutes before the agreed time. You should allow about an hour and half maximum for an hour massage, or 2.5 hours for the 2-hour massage session. To give time before and after the massage session for a short chat about the massage session afterwards as a debrief.

I use organic coconut oil, which is odour free, and is excellent for your skin. Organic coconut oil contains good properties for skin health and other. It leaves your skin silky but without the grease.

Absolutely not. All women and couples are welcome regardless of their size being (18 +), size* or body shape. All can benefit from a sensual erotic naked sensual massage. You definitely don’t need to be a model. As long as you are the correct legal age and a women who craves to have a sensual erotic massage. In my point of view, you a sexual women who have the same needs, wants and fantasies and you will all be treated with respect and treated no different. Having a sensual erotic massage will create confidence, awareness of what you like and how you like to be played with sexually, it will also create freedom and it will be very liberating to explore your intimacy sexuality and more into your mind and body for the rest of your sexual life and beyond


If you have any health conditions such as heart conditions, skin disorders or epilepsy or suffer from fits then please discuss the suitability of the massage with me before making an appointment. *If you are classed as morbidly or severely obese then the massage is not suitable for you because of limitations on the size and weight of the massage table.

Absolutely.  I have worked with clients from all walks life. The confidentiality of my clients is paramount and I am totally discreet. All my images on my site are from clients who agreed to do a photo shoot, as I am very strict on confidentiality and privacy of you and myself.

Yes I do regular exercise, am physically fit and I take regular sexual health checks.


Customers are always asking and wanting to know which payment methods do I accept.

I can take card payments that do incur a fee to use. Also I do accept cash and bank transfer for your deposit. Cash is the safest way for you since this will never expose your credit card. All payments must be payed before the massage session and deposit must be done to secure the booking.

Please let me know that you can only pay by using a credit card.

Please have in mind that credit card payment is subject to an additional % to cover all the bank commissions.

Curious FAQs

Every now and then I receive curious FAQs, questions that are less regular and may not have thought of before. Like the following.

Yes I carry all my equipment with me my massage table all the towels and oils and a suitcase full of fun stuff. After all, the service is a professional one and I pride myself on delivering the most professional sensual erotic massage for you and with all the bells and whistles in relation to your specific needs and requirements.

Sometimes I get asked about this. And the best answer I can give you is that the main focus is on the sensual erotic massage and how it can transform your life and sex life. The most important thing is to focus on your needs and desire and what you want from the service and how it can change your entire world in all areas of your being. Does serving you sexually excite me? Well when you have mutual play and touching then common sense is advised here.

It’s ok it is common to be nerves so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. The massage that I perform on you is for your pleasure, your relaxation and your fantasies. Besides, the sensual and erotic massage you will always be in control. The sensual erotic massage bodywork is for your enjoyment. Once I arrive at your hotel and we meet you will feel at ease as I build rapport with you even more to only flow naturally from their. I am very understanding and part of who I am is to make you feel comfortable.

I am the only one that answers the phone texts and any communication between us. The benefits of being a personal sensual erotic massage service. To keep all communicate private and supper confidential is paramount.

The out calls are much safer for females as you have to book a hotel room and your security is at the highest level. As if you go for an in call service your safety is a risk because you have no clue of the person you are going to see and for women’s safety point of view, it is very dangerous to be in that kind of vulnerability. Safety is my number one focus for me and my clients and the quality of space and service in relation to not being interrupted by anyone if you did an in call.

Absolutely. All my photos are of my clients who agreed to do a photo shoot. Also the photos of me are taken by from my professional photographer. It makes no sense to provide photos that are not mine and false advertise. Although this is so logical to me, however other massage services are not showing real pictures. Most of those are stolen pictures. Don’t risk being disappointed!

My professional photographer who is a female, that is book in advanced and the photo shoot are designed to keep my clients and myself of their identity and privacy. So there are no face picks for that reason. It is important to understand that privacy and confidentiality are a huge priority no exceptions.

As I take privacy and confidentiality very seriously, my stance on that is the same as my clients. As for providing photo is a not possible as to protect my identity and privacy as well as yours.

Absolutely! Though please have in mind that emails are usually to ask not just for the immediate booking but several other questions.

E-mails need some extra time to accordingly elaborate the specific answers for you. So please email only when planning ahead. It is not for immediate booking.

Last minute massage appointments need an SMS on whatsApp to inquire if there is any availability?

It is your choice when enjoying the massage in your hotel room. Some of the women like to choose from my playlist to match the massage session:

 Final FAQs

 These are the last questions, and the less frequent. If you have any question you don’t see answered here, please feel free to contact me!

If reviews about massage and testimonials about our erotic massage are relevant to you we encourage you to visit our amazing massage reviews. My clients write all reviews.

Yes. It is important that the session happens in calm, privacy and with no interruptions to create that flow of energy and intimate playtime. Anything that may disturb like the ringing of a cell phone will break your

Yes. I can travel however please understand that if I travel outside the Sydney CBD you will be charged for travel and parking fees on top of your session. If you book in the Sydney CBD, you will not be charged for traveling to your massage session. When traveling we charge the transport fees (car, train or plane).

I am very flexible for any kind of schedule, time and location. Please feel free to ask if you feel you need a specific special service.