Sensuality, Desire & Intense Pleasure

About Massage Therapist

Sexologist & Relationship Provider 

I am a qualified remedial massage therapist and have been for over 20 years, and in that time I have learned many skills including but not limited in sensuality, sexuality and how to connect intimately with women through the art of sensual erotic massage.

I have discovered very important core needs of women, which for some may ultimately transform into their path and needs, of a successful intimate relationship.

Over the 20 years experience that I have accumulated and through the ongoing training and research in the field of sexuality my skills have evolved so that I can assist and apply the knowledge and skills with you. I realized that my clients were not just coming for the enjoyment of the relaxation massage, they were coming to be healed mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I then found out about the power of the energy within us that can be unleashed, but what was the trigger for this energy? What is the most powerful energy within us?

By combining both physical and psychological methods I am able to offer a unique and alternative approach to my clients that can enable them to experience the rich and full sexual life that may have previously eluded them.

My treatments and expertise are open and accessible to all. I work with women and couples of all ages, body types, backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and sexual orientations

Nickolas’s Training and Qualifications

Association of Australian  – Therapeutic Massage Anatomy & Physiology
Professional Sensual Erotic Massage Therapist
Masters in NLP – (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Masters in Hypnotherapy
Relationship & Intimacy Coach

My Personal Background
I live the lifestyle of being with my partner who is my biggest support and my assistant in my personal life. She is my best friend, compatriot, lover and guide. We’re an outgoing and sociable couple who enjoy attending gatherings, talks, restaurants, and the theatre. I am health conscious and maintain an active lifestyle by going to the gym regularly 4 times a week and enjoy our life together.

Treatments & Workshops

Psychological-sensual Consultations
This treatment is a combination of mentoring and sensual bodywork. It is particularly beneficial for those who experience emotional or physical blockages that result in partial or permanent lack of sexual fulfillment. These include issues such as but not limited to, overcoming sexual trauma, fear of intimacy, as well as a lack of experience and knowledge.

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Sensual Treatments
The desire to receive intimate touch is common to us all. Touch is a remarkably beneficial health treatment. It is extremely effective when incorporated into a program of treatments for clients with a lack of sensual intimacy in their lives. Receiving a sensual massage is a wonderful way to relax and restore your self-confidence, insecurities, intimacy, and pleasure. Sensual massage enables us to connect to our true deep needs and our birthright of giving ourselves the permission to explore our intimacy and ignite our pleasures, desires and to receive touch. Our bodies are made to receive touch. Our skin alone contains millions of sensory receptors each connecting to our brain. Touch is pleasurable, healthy – and it makes us feel safe and secure. I believe sensual massage takes this to another level and is an ideal way for all people to meet this crucial physical and psychological need.

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Couple Consultations
Increasingly, I am seeing couples that are seeking to re-energise or perhaps renegotiate their intimate relationships. It’s quite common for a couple’s sexual connection to falter after a while being together for many years. This can be brought on by a variety of factors – such as starting a family or experiencing changes in their personal or professional lives. For some, it’s a realization regarding suppressed desires or unfulfilled fantasies that they are struggling to speak about. For others, it’s simply a case of sexual complacency setting in. I offer couples a safe environment in which to talk through their challenges and or talk about your fantasies of what you would like to experience, try and then explore together – through learning practical skills and new ways to enhance their sexual intimacy.

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Private Workshops
Private workshops can be tailored to accommodate and suit your specific requirements; they can be booked as an individual or couple session where you are personally taught how to give a sensual massage, including specific sensual and erotic arousal techniques, along with essential guidance on the psychology of arousal. You may have a volunteer that you can practice on or your partner. There are a few different options that you can choose from… the two-hour ‘Experimental Session’, the five-hour ‘Garment Session. The Private Massage Workshop can be a man to woman, woman to man, man-to-man or woman-to-woman as well as couples learning together.

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Group Workshops
Group workshops are designed to be a combination of both educational and fun. The Group workshop is a boutique style with a maximum of three couples or six people. In the group workshop, you will be learning practical skills to be able to give a sensual massage and have the understanding of how to relax your partner and apply the soft touches and learn the skills of arousal. You can bring a friend volunteer to practice on or your partner. The group workshop is three-hours in duration and is basic to intermediate sessions. Workshops can be a man to woman, woman to man, man-to-man or woman-to-woman, as well as couples learning together.

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These sessions are either by face-to-face consultations or via Skype or phone. We will be Talking about your specific challenges and what barriers you may be facing so that you can create and make the changes you need so that you can experience and explore your sexuality – intimacy and sex life to the mind-blowing whole body “0”. I often help mentor people in the areas of sexual inexperience, insecurity, lack of confidence or knowledge, or in better understanding of their patterns of sexual attraction – including any particular fetishes or kinks.

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These are the question I am asked most often
‘How did you get to do this type of work’?

I was around five years old and both my parents were hard-working. My father would come home and I would climb and step on his back with my little feet and hands. Moving forward as I got older. I started to massage my family and friends for years. Then I decided to do a massage course and started to work in the field of massage for many years.

I got to learn more about interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to people at a different level of understanding and that became second nature to me. I also spent a lot of years as a chef, which further my interpersonal skills. I did realize that being in the hospitality industry was not where I was meant to be so I decided to embark on a field of study which has become a lifelong passion.

I trained as a life coach and therapeutic masseur at the school of natural therapy in Sydney, and then I undertook training and now hold a Masters in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Master in Hypnotherapy, Relationship coaching, Sensual Erotic Massage and help educate people in the area of all aspects intimacy. Enabled me to help people and make use of my unique combination of innate skills.

I began working as a Sensual Massage Therapist and Sexual Performance, Relationship Mentor and hypnotherapy. I immediately became aware that a significant number of men and women needed discreet, practical support and guidance in their sex lives. These revelations led me to start up both Singles and Couples Therapy.

I can now offer newcomers to Sensual Massage For Women Intimacy that Matters a very warm welcome and put them at ease in this unfamiliar territory.

The Sensual Massage For Women Service that I started and provide too many people rapidly, increased in the strength of recommendations by satisfied clients. Since 2005 I have assisted people and that have used my services. Also, this has impacted on my life and has been extremely rewarding for me on a personal and professional level. In addition to providing high-quality services, I’ve gained profound insight and understanding of a range of psychological sexual issues.

Several challenges surfaced: such as the complexities of creating intimacy, building fulfilling relationships and the impact of touch in our daily lives. I have noticed that speaking to my clients and people who I have seen was that they were struggling with the feeling of being isolated and or frustrated. Others did mention that they struggled with self-criticism, self-judgment or unconscious thoughts that were created in early childhood and or being traumatized sexually.

I was touched by the many stories that were shared with me and that drives me, even more, to help and find positive strategies to help them. What I did next was that I made a decision, and created my approach to teaching complementary alternative sexual education that is down to earth straight to the point and open.

I can say that I am an educator, teacher, and mentor on sexual issues. I have created and crafted a discreet welcoming approach and an environment, which provides people the opportunity to discuss their psychological sexual concerns and also receive the practical tools to tap into their natural sensuality.

I am very adaptable and versatile trainer teacher. The experience that I hold is based on my training as a therapist, my client’s evidence and personal life-changing experience as well as my personal insights and my academic study. I share my message across a variety of forums: as a massage therapist, a sex mentor or consultant, or when I am running special events or leading a special interest workshop.

I live and work in Sydney and around Sydney and I mostly travel to my clients and run workshops.