Professional male dominant disciplinarian master provides erotic sensual spanking services and corporal punishment discipline for women in Sydney.

Erotic Sensual Spanking Women In Sydney

Many women have a fascination with spanking and interest in corporal punishment as I have found in my life with the service that I provide as a sexologist. It is more common that women are asking me to provide spanking as a service. So here I am offering a spanking service to all women in need of a good spanking and discipline.

You may even wonder why women just like you have an interest in spanking and discipline. You might even be curious about where it originates or comes from, but as a woman living in today’s politically correct society and landscape, you may feel reassured that you are not alone in seeking my spanking services. Many women ask me if I can provide an adult consensual spanking and corporal punishment service and the answer is Absolutely YES…

There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about your innermost, secretive thoughts regarding discipline corporal punishment and spanking, and the thoughts regarding this subject are much more common than you might imagine. Especially women in today’s society and current climate of political correctness

Providing spanking can be more rewarding and fulfilling for both you and me. Women find spanking and being submissive is very stimulating for a vast number of reasons. We all have our own reasons and many circumstances as to why you and women enjoy receiving corporal punishment spanking and discipline.

All forms of spanking and discipline can be a very powerful aphrodisiac. By allowing the exiting of the sensations and feelings. This has a greater impacted on the body as it rushes and flows with adrenaline. Spanking can be a slow seduction both in the mind, body, and spirit. Spanking is a form of seduction to your body that leads to a very powerful rush of adrenaline. This rush of adrenaline is very common with corporal spanking, therapeutic spanking, and sensual erotic spanking.

The psychological stimulus of all forms of spanking and corporal punishment can be just as powerful as the release of endorphins and waves of euphoria throughout the body before, during and after a spanking and discipline session.

All the psychological aspects of the spanking discipline are very personal and private to each women depending on her previous experiences, spanking needs and or desires. Some women enjoy the slow build-up and the ritual practice that comes with the corporal punishment, such as waiting outside the door to be called into the room, office or headmaster’s study to receive their punishment.

This ritual practice that leads up to spanking in combination with the psychological thoughts of the spanking in the mind can be just as powerful as providing the discipline and the corporal spanking and punishment. The Corporal spanking and discipline along with the punishment can be incorporated as a role-play of drama-therapy or adult play therapy.

The time that you spend with me is all about connecting and exploration. I will use my creativity and playful nature with you. This is the tango of pleasure.
Take this opportunity and leap into your fantasies and explore your fetishes desires! You will journey to a place where we will constantly becoming…

Our sessions will be about sharing, learning and growing, with mutual desires kinks and fetishes that will present the most amazing opportunities for new experiences. As the trust between us builds and consent is stronger you will be taken to new heights of pure pleasure.
I really enjoy and love creating experiences for women, couples and people. This will be the journey of ecstatic delightful new discoveries.

The anticipation and thought of being spanked even before bending over for the punishment and correction just by listening and putting those thoughts in your subconscious mind (Right Now) and you see yourself receiving the punishment with the sounds of a whip and hand on your ass and the thoughts of being sent to a male disciplinarian and authority figure for your discipline, corporal punishment and spanking. Just by being told to bend over as that will lead to an adrenaline rush that is very powerful intense sensations and feelings. The thought of being told what type of punishment you may receive and how it would be delivered to you before being instructed to bend over. Hour’s even days leading up to the day of your corporal spanking and discipline.

Some women do enjoy being told what may happen before the appointment as the sound of the words and the imagination of the discipline plus how that will impact then feel on your ass to then how it will turn you on.

There are of course all the usual terms of spanking, spanked, caned, caning, the cane, the slipper, the strap, strapping, being strapped, the paddle, paddled, being paddled about “school-type” corporal punishment, six of the best or general discipline.

Many women who are interested in discipline corporal punishment and spanking will admit to having looked up these terms or words associated with spanking, punishment, and flagellation in a dictionary or online depending on their age. This does not mean that women wish to be unduly hurt and punished too hard in any way whatsoever or to be marked excessively, it is just fulfilling the thrill and giving a psychological buzz, release or rush of adrenaline in anticipation of receiving a sound of correction and punishment with discipline.

It also does not mean or indicate that women have an interest in being punished or beaten severely, being flogged or any aspect of judicial punishments, it is just the “words” that will intrigue them as they are linked to a form of punishment within the female psyche.

I do have an interest in bondage, BDSM, giving sensual pain and pleasure and punishments and I will admit that the terminology does appeal as a psychological, subliminal stimulus in the subconscious to both me being dominant and you being a submissive woman respectively.

The above-mentioned spanking terminology is used more as a psychological rush, stimulant or buzz in anticipation and does not mean that women are aroused, turned on by pain or excessive beating, it just means that they terminology best fits the scenario that you as women can expect to receive a spanking session that you will remember which hurts only enough and on a pain threshold level to remind you that you have been soundly spanked.

Women just like you enjoy the fact that you are going to have to bend over to receive your discipline and this seems to resonate or indeed “hit the spot” with many women, when just discussing, thinking about or talking about spanking as a form of strict discipline. The whole psychological aspect of being sent for the punishment and not knowing what to expect, and witnessing another person deliver or receive corporal punishment or waiting for the discipline to be delivered in many different scenarios can be a powerful stimulation.

Your Spanking Session

Just take a moment and imagine right now that you have booked the spanking services and you are full of anticipation just by listening to the sound of spanking and really enjoying that

I will tell you how you are going to be punished and being told how you will be disciplined prior to your first appointment to receiving your corporal spanking and punishment with me.

This is the moment that you have been waiting for.

You are going to be spanked.

You will feel a certain sense of nervousness and anticipation as the adrenaline rushes through your body, as you know that you are going to spanked.

You will address me as Master at all times until the spanking session is over.

I will then advise you of what to do next once we have decided what role-play or scenario we will be playing for your session. I will then proceed to your hotel room. To then just play the role of your dominate spank master. Then we will immediately start your spanking session as my submissive women waiting for her discipline and waiting for my commanding voice as a dominant disciplinarian instructing you to then take control of you and your play session.

I will then lay out all my implements on the bed, desk, chair or table so you can see them and think about which one I may use for your spanking session. I will bring the slipper, strap, spanking flogger, paddles and other implements.

I want to stress that all discipline will be provided and delivered within your level of pain and pain threshold your personal boundaries will be respected at all times. There will be intimate contact and touching during your corporal punishment spanking discipline. I am focused on providing you to being in the moment and make it a reality for you.

I will instruct you and place you in different positions in and around the room depending what we have as furniture. This could be just to stand up and to bend over, Bending over a chair or lean with hands on the edge of the bed, bending over a desk or any other item of furniture that is available as I continue spanking your bottom with implements and six of the best strokes of each. I will also instruct you to stand in the corner to reflect on your punishment after being punished and spanked.

We will pause to take time to reflect with more “corner-time” after which you can compose yourself to sit down and discuss the discipline of corporal punishment and spanking.

You may chose to view me as a dominant disciplinarian, strict headmaster, spanking master, spanking therapist, spanking life coach and / or authority figure administering the discipline you have wanted for a long time now.

You will have your own thoughts as to how your punishment / disciplining was and how your

Psychological process evolved throughout the corporal spanking and punishment experience and how you felt during the spanking session.

The feelings and thought process associated with spanking and the delivery of your corporal punishment and your personal thoughts would be much appreciated that you revel to me at the end as feedback of your time with me.