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3 – Choose the service you are interest to explore?

4 – Send me an SMS via WhatsApp or click on Make An Inquire in relation to what services you are interested in and any inquires you may have.

5 – No Phone calls- As I am busy massaging.

All Inquiries must be done through the website first. It is the best way to schedule communication.

Please Click on Make An Inquire Button and fill in the inquire form first.

Once you have fill in the inquire form We can then schedule a Suitable Time to discuss your specific needs.

SMS via WhatsApp only as phone calls are limited due to being busy.

Be advised that photos of me will not be sent due to privacy and confidentiality.



*All clients are required to provide a 50% deposit via bank transfer or credit card. In the event of a cancellation, this can be used for your next booking and or is used towards the cancellation fee. Provide the tribute in an envelope at the beginning of your session in cash or gift certificate is accepted.

Please note: I reserve a sliding scale appointment per month for clients who cannot afford my standard rate. Please check with me about the availability of sliding scale-spaces. If you would like to make a donation to subsidize a sliding scale session for someone else please let me know.

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Refer a friend using a confidential code. If your friend books a session, then you will receive a discount on your next session.

Nickolas advises; booking 4 to 5 part personal development Loyalty package

Booking a 4 – 5 part deep mind-body holistic personal development Loyalty package will really help you dive into your sexual development and assist you to understand your intimacy to heighten levels. You will be able to expand and explore with your sex and be more confident in your personal sex life and life.

The 4 – 5 part deep mind-body holistic personal development Loyalty package will guarantee the regular time for your sessions, for those women who would like to explore and expand their sexual mind-body holistic personal development.

The deep mind-body holistic personal development Loyalty package is a way for you to develop a personal intimate understand in ways that you may have never imagined. This will permit you to accept yourself with greater confidence and allow you to explore your sexuality your sex life and your desires to new and exciting levels.

The deep mind-body holistic personal development Loyalty package will …
  • Get you to understand yourself with the regular mind-body holistic personal development package and self-care.
  • Build anticipation and integrate your experience
  • Your intimacy and personal sensual erotic intimacy journey do take time to develop and to really get to  understand and integrate your leanings.
  • The best way to develop and deepen a practice is to do it regularly whether you are single or couple.
  • Sexual exploration does require regular practice time to allow you to dive into your true sensual, sexual development.
  • If you are a Single Woman or Couple and want to explore true sensual development, this will take you on a deep mind-body holistic personal sexual development journey. I would recommend booking a 4 -5 part deep mind-body holistic sexual personal development Loyalty package to start.
  • Single Women or Couples submission session: if you are wanting to explore submission I would recommend booking a 4 -5 part Loyalty package and best to consider longer as submission journey does take time to develop to really understand and integrate your leanings of submission and what is needed from you and what it involves.

This schedule will allow me to get to know each of you, your likes/dislikes and kinks as an individual, and as couples more specifically.

You can choose from packages of

  • 1-Month Packages
  • 3 Months Packages
  • 12 Months Packages
Session Options

You can schedule and book other time frames

  • 1.5 Hours
  • 2 hours through to overnight and even weekends for specific sessions