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Nickolas Amos

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Becoming Your Beautiful Authentic Self Beta Test Program

I Need A Favour…


I am looking for 5 – Women to Beta Test my new 6-week program, called Becoming Your Beautiful Authentic Self …

This Program is designed for women who want Increase Self Understanding of themselves, Discover Your Personal Values, Discover Your Passions and acknowledge your true goddess, Break Free From your past and be able to finding the Courage to Express Your Feelings and Dare to Be Yourself.
• Self-love means having trust, confidence, and pride in yourself and your abilities.
• Practicing self-love means setting boundaries, being mindful, and removing toxic people from your life.
• To develop self-love, seek a therapist, journal, and listen to guided meditations
As a Beta Tester – I’ll personally hold your hand through this program, and give you my personal insights and feedback to help you get even better results than normal.

As a Beta Tester – you get it at (over 95% /) off.

All I am asking from you in return is your feedback on how I can make it better, and once you get the epic results, a short testimonial or video testimonial post on how great the experience was for you.
I only have 3 spots available, so please register and secure your spot.
I am super excited to help you feel more, believe in Your self and have more confidence.
Let me know by messaging me by clicking on the button below and have a friendly no-pressure chat.
GET IN QUICK… as I only have 3 spots left…

“I would definitely recommend this journey to anyone out there who, like me, had zero interest in this area of my life as I had guilt and shame around the whole idea of self-love and pleasure. It’s been the biggest learning journey to reconnect with myself in that way, and I’m so glad that I took that big, brave step and reached out to Nickolas for that first chat. I am super excited about continuing on my journey”
Nickolas- Relationship Coaching:
Transform Problems into Growth & Self Love

Becoming Your Beautiful Authentic Self Program



“How To Finally Stop  Anxiety And Self-Doubt!”

“You Can Learn To Confidently Connect With yourself and unleash your inner  goddess, Feel Proud Of Who You Are, And Create The Sensual  Life You Truly Deserve.”


Use this opportunity that has been proven by Many Amazing Women who have already experienced the benefits and who have been Liberated.


Its Your Turn To Free Yourself from shyness, fear, pleasing others. Allow yourself to experience the pleasures of speaking up and living life freely, feel the pleasures of speaking up and living by your own terms.

You will learn to: 
  • Be able to just relax and be your most bold, authentic self with total confidence no matter who you connect with intimately.
  • “Speak Up, Stand Out, And Step Into Higher Levels Of  Your Sexuality and Your true Orgasmic Self!
  • Love yourself to explore your true potential and the essence of who you truly are. Be Wild and become A sex Goddess.
“Want Tomorrow To Be Different ? Be Bold and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!
Join hundreds of other women who have experienced Master Your Sensual Self Confidence” and  get clarity on your body map, in the most fulfilling and inspiring way.
All you have to do is click on the button below – To Schedule YOUR STRATEGY CALL NOW…

Join THE program to unlock The Secrets to “Love Your Self – Heal From Your Past, Gain Confidence and Become Empowered Program.


  • Rapidly increase your confidence in all key areas of life.
  • Eliminate hesitation and holding back so you can speak up and be you.
  • Deeply heal that feeling that you’re not good enough.
  • Breakthrough the fears stopping you from having the sexual life you relly want
  • Stop holding back and start speaking up about what you want sexually
  • Finally start living your life instead of waiting for it to just “happen” someday!
  • Freely connect with yourself
  • Finally see yourself as completely attractive and worthy of love right now (without needing to become “better” first).

How Can I Help..?

  • Reduce the tension and stress that prevents you from having orgasms easily
  • Remove the physical ‘blocks and knots’ that stop you from experiencing full-body orgasms
  • Experiencing different kinds of orgasms like the U-Spot, the Deep Spot and full-body mental orgasms
  • Remove negative thoughts, helping you to let go of personal insecurities
  • Experience your whole body becoming more erogenous, pleasurable, sensitive, orgasmic


Week 1
Getting Mind Set Right
1 Limited Beliefs
2 Core Values
3 Releasing Emotional Blocks
Week 2 Becoming Aware
1 Clearing Emotional Baggage
2 Meditation
3 Becoming Body Aware
Week 3
Connecting Emotions with Sexuality
1 Learn breathing Practice
2 Solo Practice Massage Secondary Zones
3 Learn to body communicate Awarness
Week 4
Empowerment Sexuality in Action
1 Awaken true body pleasure
2 Awareness exploration

3 Mirror work
Week 5
Get to know yourself deeper Self Love
1 Reflection work
2 Pleasure Exercises
3 The Big “0”
Week 6
Bonus Round
To be Reveled on week 5

Who is Nickolas Amos

Relationship Coaching:
Transform Problems into Growth & SelfLove

“Australia’s #Sensual Erotic Massage Therapist, # Coach and Mindset Therapist”

Nickolas Amos is the owner and operator SENSUAL MASSAGE FOR WOMEN in Sydney Australia for more than 20 years. Today Nickolas provides sensual massage to women to assist and guide women to become sexuality empowerment, increase and use their sexual energy to unleash their full potential.

Many women feel disconnected before from themselves when I first start working with them, and as I show them the intimate intricacies of sensual touch, movement and self-care … they begin to feel liberated and in tune with themselves.

My greatest satisfaction is helping women and couples’ step into their power, own their sexuality, get empowered and confident to remove the fear of self-love. The thing people hunger for the most is intimacy.

I have been fascinated by sexuality, intimacy, spirituality, and the mind from an early age and throughout my life I have moved between these different realms, never quite finding where I belong.

Until I discovered Sensual Erotic Massage, NLP and Erotic Hypnosis. I began exploring sensual and erotic massage and started mixing it with spirituality, NLP, and different states of hypnosis.

The results have been mind-blowing – and it has surprised and transformed every person I am blessed to work with.

Click the button below to find out more about some my intimate services.


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My name is Ashley,

I am 39-year-old single mum of three from the Central Coast in New South Wales.

What I first heard of the 21-day masturbation challenge was a bit hesitant. As I have not masturbated before. Honestly, I have not been, and when I did that was like way back in my teens and I was like, kind of discovering my body, but the thoughts of actually touching myself now, would be bringing about feelings of discomfort and guilt, rather than feelings of pleasure seeking.

So, I've known for quite some time now that I need to do something about my sexuality, as I have no libido, at all. And I have not had sex in four years. I am single and I'm not interested in dating or going out with guys so intimacy for me has not been a priority at all.

And when I think about it in my marriage, intimacy, was not a priority either. I mean, for the last two and a half years of our relationship we didn't even have sex and then thinking even back before that, like there's once every other month.

But, I mean, I wasn't doing anything. It wasn't like self-pleasuring or anything like that. So, it was just out of sheer curiosity that I decided to reach out to Nickolas, and I found it safer to speak to a complete stranger about my sexual dysfunction, as opposed to somebody that I didn't know.

And during our conversations, I realized that, because he was genuine in helping women, open up with their sexuality. And It just didn't feel weird speaking to him at all, which was also a surprise because I don’t just talk to anybody about this and I don’t even talk to my friends.

So, because I could verbalize some things to him. And I didn't feel weirded out or uncomfortable. I just knew that I could trust him to guide me through this process of learning how to connect with myself.

So, we agreed on the start date, and he emailed me through some things that I needed to do to get started. So, on day one, I was really really nervous and I was completely overthinking, what I needed to do.

I tried to not go through with it so it wasn't until the evening that I actually did my first day task. But I did do it, and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. So, day two was so much easier because I had already broken down my mental barriers on day one and by day two, I was a little bit more interested in exploring my body.

And then by day three, I wanted to explore my body as a whole. And I realized that I actually quite liked to touch, and for the first time I was realizing how I haven't been touched or touched as a sensual being so it was great to feel the sensations of just touching my arms touching my legs touching my feet and touching areas outside of my body that weren't going to lead straight to sex.
That was the days were progressing I began to feel more connected to myself and to my body and then I started to have more respect for my body. I started becoming more connected and I started feeling deeply Wow. And some things started coming out for me as well, emotionally so I realized that I have been neglecting myself. While I was super busy taking care of everybody else's needs, like my children's things.

So, I realized also that I'm carrying emotions of guilt and shame unnecessarily that, you know, is it okay for us to connect with our bodies and touch our bodies as women. And then I also started becoming aware of changes that I needed to make in my personal life so that I could reconnect with myself.

By the beginning of week two. I was feeling happier and more relaxed in myself. I then realised that in my head, I then become proactive in making the changes that I needed to make, to be fully present with myself and honor myself and my needs, because I've just always been busy taking care of everybody else's bodies.

And by the end of week two, I was definitely no longer weirded out by my own sensuality and my own sexuality, and I have become super aware of touch and receptive to touch and love touch and my senses have become more open.

I've also become aware of areas of my body that really, really love touch things that I just would never ever, ever have thought of before. So overall in a challenge. I have began to slow down in every way, mentally, I'm not overwhelmed anymore, physically My senses are more receptive, emotionally, I'm just so much more happier and relaxed.

The greatest thing is like my creative space, my creativity has come out now so I'm just loving my sensations and, like putting ornaments around the house and being girly and being feminine.

I would definitely recommend this journey to anyone out there who, like me, had zero libido wasn't touching themselves had guilt and shame around the whole idea of masturbation.

It's just been the biggest learning journey to reconnect with myself in that way, and I'm just so glad that I did take that big, brave step and reach out to Nikolas for that first chat. I am supper excited about the continuing on the 21-day masturbation journey So, that's where I'm at now.  

Thank you Ashley




WOW !!! incredible, stimulating, sensual, arousing that’s just for starters I had a message last night from Nickolas and just wanted to say a big thank you. It surpassed anything I could have dreamed of Initially is was hesitant when a came across his website, it took me a week to get the courage to call and I’m not disappointed that I did. Everything is explained prior to the meeting and you are made to feel very comfortable and protected. I would highly recommend this service and if your still hesitant don’t be it’s well worth it. You won’t be disappointed do yourself a favor and discover what your body is capable of I did. A very satisfied Cathy. Cathy Client



I have been married for 20 years. My sex life is not anything special. I wanted to get the spark back. So that’s when I read Nickolas’s web site and thought that’s what I need. I called Nickolas and spoke to him about what problems I was having and if I could get my body feeling alive again. He was very good at listening to what I wanted to do. So I made a booking with him and he made me feel very comfortable and at ease straight away. We clicked so it made it easy. He is a wonderful guy and I loved every second I spend with him. He rocked my world and told me to love my body and try new things that I had never done. And how to touch and feel my body. It’s the best thing I have done in my life so I’m smiling and feeling alive again. So thank you, Nickolas, I will book you again soon. Bella – Sensual Overnight Encounter For Women



Kimberly Thank you so much for a great evening!!! Feeling so good today!!! What a night !! As a woman experiencing this massage for the first time, many things went through my head. What will happen? What will he do? Can I really enjoy this? My husband arranged this for my birthday and all I can say is WOW!!! From the first contact with Nick on the phone to meeting him in person, a good rapport was built. Nick has a great way of making you feel comfortable and he is so down to earth – yet very professional throughout the whole session. Nick made it possible for me to relax and go with the flow to what I was comfortable with the whole time. Nick showed me things that I didn’t know I would react to and I am definitely grateful for. The massage for women was something definitely worth experiencing. Kind Regards, Kimberly


Client Testimonial

I have just spent the best 2 hours of my life with Nickolas. His communication is fantastic. Helping me to not only be prepared and know what to expect, but it helped to get me physically primed also. The massage experience was made better by the atmosphere he creates, making me immediately comfortable. He read my body's needs and desires so well and responded perfectly. He teased me until finally bringing me to the most fulfilling climax. He, for this reason alone, is worth his weight in gold. If you are considering a professional, discreet service, Nickolas is what you want, and need. Signed Loli

Intensive program was an exceptional experience

Emma's Testimonial Client

I first contacted Nickolas on 7th January 2020 as I was fascinated about what I had read about him and his services. I was curious to know if he could help me with my body image issues/confidence, as well as sexual challenges. I remember being extremely nervous on our first phone conversation, however, Nickolas had this calm/ soothing effect, where he was able to put my mind at ease pretty much straight away. His friendly, outgoing nature enables you to feel comfortable and safe when discussing issues, you are having as well as being able to express your feelings or desires without feeling judged. The homework he gave me was instrumental in my massage treatment being such an amazing experience and I highly recommend that you do whatever homework/ exercise he gives you, in order to truly benefit from this amazing experience! I saw Nickolas last Saturday and I am extremely blown away at how well it went. There were some nerves at first, but I went back to the exercises he had given me and by the time he arrived at my hotel room, I was fully relaxed and ready to begin my journey of self-discovery and pleasure. I was no longer ashamed of my body and I had this inner confidence which I did not have before! I went from not ever experiencing orgasm to having multiple orgasms during our session! I remember feeling so relaxed and intensely satisfied with our session. He helped me discover things about my mind and body that I was not aware of before and has given me some tools to further develop myself. Nickolas is truly a genuine and knowledgeable guy who cares about you and your journey and he demonstrated this by spending a further time, after our session had ended, just sitting with me in the hotel room and chatting freely about the experience and anything else I felt like talking about, with him! He is truly amazing at what he does, and I would highly recommend him and his services.

EXPERIENCE DEEPER understanding and communicating with you...

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