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Prices and Sessions

Sensual and Erotic Massage for Women and Couples

I have been practicing Massage Therapy for over 15 years, and Sensual Erotic Massage for over 8 years here in Sydney.

The ability to be able to provide and attain and practice the knowledge and techniques required to provide the service in a professional manner and professionally must be able to provide and display their qualifications as it is very important to understand that to provide the service, the therapist must have a clear understanding in the field of Sexology –
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development, and the ability to provide support to the client and have the correct skills.

Sensual Massage for women has created a service that is personalized specifically to your needs, wants, desires, fantasies, and circumstances. Before being able to provide you with the service. I do require having a phone call with you to get a clear understanding of what you want more specifically to be able to guide you to the best way to experience the Sensual Erotic Massage or other services that we provide. The service that sensual Massage for women provides is based on years of experience and years of study in this area of sexuality and sexology and provides the certifications.

Once we have established your requirements and needs for the service, I will provide and guide you to the best way to experience the service that you have chosen and this will include,

The service
The Best Time Frame
What’s included how the service is provided
The Logistics
And The Price for the service

The Investment for the service is reflective for what is being provided to the client that is a life-changing experience in the area of sexuality, self-love, confidence life experience with relationship and understanding your needs requirements in your own sex life that you can share with that special person or others through friendship and relating with others more.

It is very easy to be misled to those who do not provide certification or experience. If they do not display their certification on the there website you maybe be misled by those who are providing the service very cheaply and may not be experienced or have the skills to provide a very private and intimate experience for you.

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Where are your services provided

Sensual Massage Services are Provided in the Sydney CBD  Hotel.

For Privacy, Confidentiality, Safty that is a priority for all the services and women.

The best way to book a Hotel is to go to you can hire a room during the day for a period of five hours or more and evening without having to book the whole night. (Before booking your hotel please chat to Nickolas for availability times dates)

Do you offer a discount if I book for multiple sessions?

Yes, there are good discounts available depending on the number of sessions you pre-book.

Is your massage Swedish, Tantric, or holistic…?

Nickolas provides a holistic approach, which simply means the whole; body, mind, and spirit, as well as the physical, mental that, works towards unlocking your deepest potential.

Nickolas incorporates the full range of massage techniques, including Tantric and Swedish massage techniques and using NLP and meditation and using some ancient practices and Nickolas has developed his own techniques and skills.  The skill of reading the signs given by the client and responding by using the most effective massage technique in the best way to achieve the desired outcome

Sensual Massage Practitioner, I really have a fear of getting naked, especially in front of a stranger. Do I have to get naked for your service?

No, not if you don’t want to. While the experience of the sensual massage will be far more pleasurable without the barriers of clothing, it is really important that you feel comfortable and relaxed. We can start the massage with whatever clothing you feel is necessary to maintain your relaxed state, and as we progress you may feel confident enough to remove some or all of it.

What happens, if during the massage, you become…um…well…you know?

Excited, aroused erect? Are these the words you are searching for? My sensual massage is focused on you, the client. You are always in control of what happens during the session. You can relax and ignore my arousal if it occurs, or take the situation “in hand,” if you wish, the decision is yours. What happens between us is always up to you, and what I do is for your pleasure first and foremost.

I have very sensitive skin, what kind of massage oil do you use?

In our pre-interview I’ll learn about all your specific sensitivities and other health concerns (as any good masseur should) but I can assure you I use only non-allergenic organic coconut oil and grape seed oil during the massage. (Read up on the benefits of coconut oil here:

I see your sessions are set-up for a minimum of two hours, but I don’t have that kind of time, do you offer hour sessions?

Yes, one hour sessions can be arranged, but I have developed the sensual massage to flow through at least a two-hour session in order for me to take my time to provide you with the full range of pleasures offered by the experience. I will need to I create a very personalised one hour session for it to offer you the full sensual experience and this will be reflected in the price.

Sensual Massage Practitioner, there are no prices anywhere on your website. Can you tell the price for a…

A sensual massage that gives clients the pleasures they desire needs to be personalised around their desires and requirements. No two clients want the same, and it makes it difficult to give standard prices here. Contact Nickolas for a friendly chat of your needs and requirements and we’ll discuss what you want, and I’ll give you a clear price with no hidden charges.