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Based in Sydney. Taste, touch, and smell are my specialties. Let me seduce you with my skills.

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About Me

You will meet a highly experienced sensual massage therapist who will engage your mind and physical body on a level where you will feel comfortable.

Nickolas is a highly educated and experienced sensual erotic massage therapist, trained in Massage therapy here in Sydney, Master in NLP and Meditation with varied disciplines related to sexuality, sexuality, intimacy and sex education. 

Nickolas is a robust and caring patient teacher and when you’re with him you will quickly feel relaxed and comfortable and find it easy to communicate and allow you to express yourself with full confidence.

His education ranges with the practice in human sexuality and physiology; he knows the human body well. Many clients come from around Sydney – and other countries to experience the sensual erotic massage journey.

It does not matter where you are from. He is balanced and he loves working out, eats well and focuses on a healthy lifestyle and he is not judgmental.

Nickolas started as a professional massage therapist over 20 years ago in Sydney providing professional massage work catering to affluent women and couples. 

Nickolas was mentored by Grant, a leading figure in sensual erotic massage for women, and introduced to the ever-growing field of sensual massage and beyond-sex-and-intimacy services. Nickolas began his own journey in healing touch with a sincere desire to help others find their way towards achieving complete emotional and erotic healing and to experience the blissful freedom that comes with it.

Add his pleasant personality and great hands; you’ve come across an elite sensual erotic male massage therapist. Today, Nickolas practices massage therapy in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

Each session that he provides is all individually tailored to meet his client’s needs and preferences. He focuses on the many issues that commonly plague all of us.

Speak to Nickolas now. Find out how a session can be individualized to meet your needs, and even get some of those nagging taboo questions answered as you learn how Sensual Massage can change your life forever.

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