Nickolas provides a private, confidential, exclusive professional sensual massage service and journey. He is qualified in sensual massage- Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Skilled in Erotic services, Erotic meditation and more. He has great testimonials and happy clients, that return again and again. He is very approachable and easy-going to have a friendly chat, about your needs, Fantasies wants ideas and anything that you would like to discuss and chat about- (go ahead challenge him to contact him and have a chat Now). The services are provided on your terms and requirements and what you want and with the guidance of Nickolas to assist you with your specific requirements and a blend of his skills and create your special journey. All you have to do is fill in the form on my site and let's get the conversation started about your Journey.

Client Feedback:
Originally my first encounter with Nickolas I was nervous, anxious, non-talkative and I was worried I wouldn't get as much out of seeing Nickolas in his practice sensual massage for women. Wow was I wrong? I wanted to let other clients know that Nickolas has made a huge difference in my life in regards to sexual relationships and life in general. I am able to break the chain of the past by becoming a whole healed woman. Improvements to myself being and continuing to improve –

* I am playing more and working less - dancing, meeting new people, starting new relationships - having fun
* I didn't realize that anxiety and worry were causing me to constrict my breathing. Breathing fully and meditation is a good thing.
* I can ask for help which I NEVER did before
* I found love for me and then for others

I am happy to share so many thoughts and emotions, that have been locked away for quite a while. I now have the tools to make my life better and to move forward. The good thing is whenever I feel a tinge of feeling down creeping into my life I tell myself, stop you've come a long way and I look at life differently now. I am totally optimist and I get excited about the little things. Nickolas explained the following - The Basics of every successful relationship is good communications, firstly knowing what I needed first so I can share those feelings, needs and wants with others and my partner, both knowing what you need and what your partner needs or at least being open to finding out. Truly great relationships are based on both partners being genuine with each other. Previously I wouldn't have handled rejection as well as I am now. Nickolas through his coaching I thank him for the strength and courage I am feeling right now. I thank Nickolas for helping me to restore positive feelings in myself. I am very grateful to Nickolas. I now am a new woman!
Cheers Ros

I have some Bad News

Did you know that 71% of women do not Reach Orgasm?

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Sensual Massage, provide a full body sensual erotic massage to women... 

Did you know that according to the Kinsey Institute, 71% of women do NOT reach orgasm regularly with their partners or on their own?

Sad but true.

But don't worry. I'm here to help.

I want to assist YOU to improve your sensuality, sexuality and your intimacy.

Give yourself permission and allow Nickolas to take you by the hand to lead you on the journey of a full body Orgasm filled with pure pleasure.

Bringing mindfulness, touch and empower you to explore intimate, authentic and dynamic sensual erotic full body massage.

Comprising of the mind, body, and spirit. I will take you on an intimate journey to experience the ART of making you reach the various level of pleasurable & deeply satisfying, addictive, intoxicating touch of pure Ecstasy and experience a full body orgasm or orgasms

(Not just one type of pleasurable orgasm)

I'm here to help YOU, You will love it.

Here's Why 71% Of Women Do Not Reach An Orgasm 
Regularly During Sex... (And What To Do About It)

I have helped women and couples (just like you) improve their intimacy and help women achieve orgasms and live a happier sexual life.

One of the questions that I get asked by my clients most frequently is: "Nickolas, why is it so difficult as a woman to reach an orgasm?"

Well, here's the answer:

It is extremely difficult for a woman to reach orgasm using the same techniques, and in my point of view, there are several Answers to that question...

I would like to ask YOU for some important questions...?

- Do you receive intimate touch regularly
- Do you experience extended foreplay regularly?
- Do you get those
? simulating needs to meet regularly?
- Do you know how to explore yourself?
- Do you experience a full body euphoric Orgasm?
- Do schedule intimate time with you?
- Have you experienced multiple Orgasms

If you have doubts and or answer no, this would be a good time to take action to feel sexy, sensual and very cared for and NOW you have the opportunity to learn and experience a Full Body Sensual Erotic Massage Journey of pleasurable & deeply satisfying, addictive, intoxicating touch. A truly euphoric & delightful experience!

I'm Nickolas Amos, the founder of Sensual Massage for women, I have more than 15 years experience in the field of intimacy sexuality, sex coaching, pleasure coach and have a background in NLP, Erotic bodywork and Erotic guided meditation.

I'm not saying this to BRAG. I'm saying this because I want you to experience the most advanced pleasures that you deserve and to possibly experience a full body orgasm.

And yet, researcher Alfred Kinsey has stated after conducting a study, that 91% of married women surveyed reported using the missionary position most often!

Now you understand what the problem is and why most women DO NOT achieve orgasm regularly!

Nickolas started each of my sessions with deeply relaxing meditations, which enabled my mind to push any fears or insecurities aside. The deep sense of relaxation stayed with me throughout the entire session that allowed me to release and let go beyond what I could’ve imagined. Adele

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Here are some reviews from my clients

Nickolas puts a lot of time in prior to even meeting you for the first time, and by him building that rapport with you so well beforehand you definitely know that his intentions for you are genuine. Our 1st session together can only be described as truly beautiful; I was made to feel sexy, sensual and very cared for. Nickolas has a wonderful way of making you feel 100% safe & secure at all times which is exactly what I needed, I was definitely looking forward to my next session. Adele

I couldn’t wait for my 2nd session with Nickolas and again I wasn’t disappointed. With being as comfortable as I was, I was open to Nickolas trying a little more with me, his tenderness during our time together was very pleasurable & deeply satisfying, I just wanted more of his addictive, intoxicating touch. A truly euphoric & delightful experience! Adele

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