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Deliciously decadent Exclusive Full Body Naked Sensual Massage in Sydney - Male Masseur for Women

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I first contacted Nickolas on 7th January 2020 as I was fascinated about what I had read about him and his services. I was curious to know if he could help me with my body image issues/confidence, as well as sexual challenges. I remember being extremely nervous on our first phone conversation, however, Nickolas had this calm/ soothing effect, where he was able to put my mind at ease pretty much straight away. His friendly, outgoing nature enables you to feel comfortable and safe when discussing issues, you are having as well as being able to express your feelings or desires without feeling judged.

The homework he gave me was instrumental in my massage treatment being such an amazing experience and I highly recommend that you do whatever homework/ exercise he gives you, in order to truly benefit from this amazing experience! I saw Nickolas last Saturday and I am extremely blown away at how well it went. There were some nerves at first, but I went back to the exercises he had given me and by the time he arrived at my hotel room, I was fully relaxed and ready to begin my journey of self-discovery and pleasure. I was no longer ashamed of my body and I had this inner confidence which I did not have before!

I went from not ever experiencing orgasm to having multiple orgasms during our session! I remember feeling so relaxed and intensely satisfied with our session. He helped me discover things about my mind and body that I was not aware of before and has given me some tools to further develop myself. Nickolas is truly a genuine and knowledgeable guy who cares about you and your journey and he demonstrated this by spending a further time, after our session had ended, just sitting with me in the hotel room and chatting freely about the experience and anything else I felt like talking about, with him! He is truly amazing at what he does, and I would highly recommend him and his services.



It is very easy to be misled by those who haven’t provided their certification or qualifications as proof of their experience.

By not providing their certification on their website or providing you with sensual massage photos that have been taken by a professional photographer, you maybe be misled by those who are offering the service very cheaply and may not be experienced or have the skills to deliver a very private and intimate confidential experience for you.


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Our services are designed to help you reach peaks of erotic and sensual thrill that you never thought possible in a completely safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment.

Every Woman Should Experience an erotic sensual-body to body massage In Her Lifetime-Providing high-quality services...  Unleash Your Ultimate Power...


Nickolas would like to invite you, to have a discrete private confidential phone Call about how he can help you with your needs, desires, wants and specific requirements. For a faster and speedy response contact, Nickolas by Click on the Discreet CallBack SMS Button Now! At the bottom of the page

Obedience is freedom


Allow yourself to let go...  feel into your body and allow your mind to go...

As you Enter Master Nickolas’s world of pleasure and domination, you can surrender to experiences like never before… with the intensity of excitement, personal growth, and surrender to your wants, needs, desires that may make you want to come back for more…

The seductive strike of a flogger, the heightened feelings of different sensations on your skin, the engulfing of your being, the confident voice in your ear, the presence, the energy, the grip of your hair in his firm hand, your senses and imagination that roams free – whilst exploring and experiencing your uninhibited desires… He can be your teacher, trainer and your Master


If you yearn to surrender your power, then it’s this power he will take… Read More…


Sensual Massage Questionaire

For women who would like to have a 30-min Coaching Call with Nickolas that will give you practical stratergies for your specific challanges. The Questionaire will run from Friday the 22nd Febuary to March Friday the 20th one lucky woman will experiance a 30-min Coaching Call with Nickolas. All you have to do is fill in the Questionaire correctly with all the questions filled in correctly and submitted. The best response will be chosen for the 30-min Coaching Call with Nickolas.

PS. I have a secret surprise to give away to the runner up.

The winner will be posted here. Only a nickname will be used  

  • Would you like Happiness - Success and Freedom?
  • Would you like to have a better Sex life?
  • Are you looking for a fulfilling intimacy that is specifically tailored to you?

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Sensual Erotic Massage Sydney Only Provide High-Quality Professional Services. It is not just about the massage, it combines the whole body-mind-spirit and more of a holistic approach. All of the sensual massage and therapies are backed by years of experience with diplomas - Masters and certification. Credentials. If you are looking for safety, confidentiality, privacy, and a mind-blowing whole body-positive experience. I encourage you to get in touch with Nickolas by text or contact form.

Platinum Sensual Massage


 Upgrade your intimacy skills and your understanding to give you, the connection, pleasure, intimacy, and satisfaction that you desire.


When you have moved out of the demands and constraints and ready to move into your sensual, sexual desires and explore your pleasures of intimacy. It all starts with you...


Intimacy and sex are very much none existent and tend not to be talked about and mostly avoided. Women are very sexual beings and are not really getting their intimacy and satisfaction from their sex life, partner and even themselves.


When intimacy and your expression of sex do not change and the old model is still used, things tend to not go your way and failure to having an amazing sexual experience or becoming aroused or not being able to have orgasms is just not good enough. This could be due to your education of self-exploration, not being aware of what you really need or want or desire, shame and embarrassment. This can impact your sexual pleasure, intimacy, and desires of sexual exploration.


Here is the thing; sensual intimacy is very, very important and even more so now and in your later years. For your health, for your well-being, and for creating your self-confidence and bonding sensually, sexually and having a greater consistent relationship with yourself and to then share with your partner and others. You just need to look at your intimacy differently and explore it in a different way than before.


You are capable of more pleasure, ecstasy, and orgasms than you can imagine right now. Even if you presently do not have that sexual, erotic satisfaction and pleasure of ecstatic deeply pleasurable intimacy orgasms.


Here is your opportunity to upgrade your sexual skills and understanding to give you the connection, pleasure, intimacy, and satisfaction that you desire?


Sex is a mind, body, and spirit connection that is a whole-body awareness.

What if you realized that the most pleasurable and intimate sex in your life was about to happen?

When working with me you will:

  • Become aware of your beliefs in both thought and action, the issues that need to be worked on, regarding habits, health, body image, sexual technique, and sexual practice.

  • Find that there is completely nothing wrong with you and it’s just that you have not been taught or have not had the correct training in sensuality sexuality and self-discovery.

  • Learning specific techniques for you and sexual practices so that you know EXACTLY what to do in order to get the pleasurable results you crave

  • Feel more sexual, Sensual, turned on, alive being more vibrant, alive and tapped into your sexual being and sexual energy.

  • Feel confident with your sexuality, in your body, feel more confident

  • Understand how you can use the sexual power of your pleasure and ecstasy in a way to explore and experience pleasure in different ways.

Does this sound like a journey that you are interested in exploring and want to change in your life and your relationship with yourself personally?

Are you currently a woman who really WANTS to make those changes and learning’s to express sexually, intimately and have an amazing sex life that you deserve which will last you the for the rest of your life.

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Hello, are you looking for passion and pleasure

Sensual Massage For Women is Designed Just For You!

Are you ready for mastering the art of pleasure and passion?

Are you ready to tap into your big (0)?

Are you ready to embody your power, & genius?

Are you ready to confidently claim your feminine power, your unique zone of genius & awaken all of your gifts?

Are you ready to explore and remove obstacles & old belief systems so you can connect with your sacred beauty, your sensuality, & your divine feminine power?

Let’s ignite your unique desires & gifts…

Claim your powerful & pleasurable relationship with your body, your sexuality, & you’re feminine power so that you can receive the love & sex life that you desire!


It’s about you being powerfully feminine & living a life you love & finally going from exhaustion to ecstasy!


Are You Ready…

To explore your sensuality, sexuality in order to reclaim your pleasure as a woman and connect with your feminine power?

Would you like to be introduced to whole-body sensual erotic massage and have the transformations that you have been longing for...?

In order to receive more passion, pleasure, power, & prosperity in your sensuality and intimate life?

Are you ready to let go and mend yourself of challenges that are preventing you from having the love that you desire?

Are you ready to know what a prosperous and abundant relationship with your self feels like?

Are you ready for epic love, & the passionate sex you so deeply desire?


I’m Nickolas Amos. I’m a certified sensual erotic massage therapist, NLP practitioner Hypnotherapist, sexuality, love, expert, and help empowerment coach that specializes in igniting your sexuality, intimacy, passion & prosperity in your life.

In addition, I am a Dom Master.

I assist women like you who are exhausted. Women who are numb, burnt out and disconnected with their libido & their passions in life.

Women like you who deeply desire to live a life they love by feeling amazing in their bodies & confidently powerful in sex lives.

I assist women with getting there desire back and creating deep passion, free sexual expression, and intimate loving connections in order to have the pleasure, the power, the abundance, the radiance, & desire to explore and express sexual intimacy.

If you desire to connect with your sensuality, live passionately, and be a confident, successful woman that is beautiful and powerful –


Connect with me and let’s begin your journey of pleasure today!


Overcome Burn Out from everyday life & Live Your Life of sensuality, sexuality and to embody your beauty as a woman. Oh, Yes!

Are you ready to live your intimate life?

Feeling Beautiful, Confident, & Amazing In Your Body?

Having An Epic Love Affair With Yourself?

Going From Exhaustion To Ecstasy

Master your intimacy of pleasure?

Claim your feminine power?

Increase Your Desire?

Having More Pleasure & Passionate intimacy Love and passion

Be Successful In Your sex life?

Then You Are Ready To Activate Your Initiation Into your intimacy and sex life!

Rekindle Your Radiance, Power; Reignite Your Sex Life & Reclaim Your Passion!

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Oh Yes, Please!



Sensual Massage For Women is not just about yoni massage for women in Sydney but has a variety of massages to choose from.

There are women who enjoy coming regularly for the sensual massage session, to discover more about themselves and to fine-tune their sexuality, intimacy, sex to experience the full body massage experience.

Here in Sydney, I specialize in Relaxation, Sensual, Intimacy, Tantric, Sexuality, Coaching, Massages and a combination of all of the modalities.



Did you know that 71% of women do “NOT Reach Orgasm”
According to the Kinsey Institute, 71% of women do NOT reach orgasm regularly with their partners or on their own?

Sad but true.  But don't worry. I'm here to help.

I want to assist YOU to improve your desires and reaching your potential pleasures.



Nickolas Amos
Sex & Relationship Coach & Architect

Hi, my name is Nickolas Amos; I have been working in the field of sensual massage, Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), as well as in the health and well-being industry since 2000. In this time I have helped many people and have used many different approaches to helping women, couples explore their sexuality. I also have help with sexual challenges that are not generally covered by conventional methods. Throughout my career, I have encountered a wide range of varied issues such as a lack of sexual fulfillment to more specific challenges like relationship breakdown, fear of intimacy. Read more about Nickolas Amos and his services. – Read More



Psychological Sensual Treatment
The Psychological Sensual Treatment for women, and couples


Help with sexual performance, inability to orgasm and overcoming fears around physical intimacy and sex.
I trained in therapeutic and Swedish massage – Remedial Massage and other forms of massage in 1995. In 2017- I completed my training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind! And a master's in Hypnotherapy and completed several courses on intimacy relationships. Early on in my career I quickly realized that just providing bodywork was not enough so I saw the benefit of combining all of my skills to create an integrative treatment that could treat with both emotionally and to support women, and couples who were experiencing sexual challenges or performance problems. I called this treatment Psychological Sensual Therapy. Learn More



“I saw Nickolas last week and I am so glad I did! I found his number when I was desperately googling for solutions to flash blacks from sexual trauma that I couldn’t move past. I was looking into NLP and hypnosis combined with sexology.  I had seen a counselor many years ago but it didn’t stop my feeling or make any changes to my life as what happened to me years ago.  I had been nervous to see Nickolas (as I had not met him before), however, he is very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.  I could tell that he really cared about my pain and was genuine in wanting to see me and help me. I was unsure if NLP and hypnosis would work initially but really hoped it would. During the session, Nickolas was very considerate and always was professional towards me.  After the 1 session with Nickolas I had.... that same day I noticed my anxiety was mostly gone... and that my normal triggers to past trauma (a daily problem I had!) also gone!!!! I would recommend Nickolas for these (sensitive problems like I had) that normal Counselors just don’t seem to understand!! Thank you so much, Nickolas, for the time and care you have to me. I can now move forward and I am so grateful!”
Kind Regards, Amanda


Sensual Massage  
What is a Sensual Massage?


The desire to receive intimate touch is common to us all. Touch is a remarkably beneficial health treatment. It is extremely effective when incorporated into a program of treatments for clients with a lack of sensual intimacy in their lives. Receiving a sensual massage is a wonderful way to relax and restore your self-confidence, insecurities, intimacy, and pleasure. Sensual massage enables us to connect to our true deep needs and our birthright of giving ourselves permission to explore our intimacy and ignite our pleasures, desires and to receive touch. Our bodies are made to receive touch. Our skin alone contains millions of sensory receptors each connecting to our brain. Touch is pleasurable, healthy – and it makes us feel safe and secure. I believe sensual massage takes this to another level and is an ideal way for all people to meet this crucial physical and psychological need.

Doctors and scientific researchers are increasingly discovering the fantastic benefits to health and well being that regular sexual arousal produces. Here are some facts -

Learn more about it.



                                                       Private Workshops
Private workshops can be tailored to accommodate and suit your specific requirements; they can be booked as an individual or couple session where you are personally taught how to give a sensual massage, including specific sensual and erotic arousal techniques, along with essential guidance on the psychology of arousal. You may have a volunteer that you can practice on or your partner. There are a few different options that you can choose from... the two-hour ‘Experimental Session’, the five-hour ‘Garment Session. The Private Massage Workshop can be a man to woman, woman to man, or woman-to-woman as well as couples learning together. Learn more about Private Workshops




Bondage Services

Do you have a secret fetish you’ve never dared to share? Do you want to try something kinky on the wild side? Are you curious to explore a different kind of pleasure?

Master Nickolas is here to help you expand your horizons. Master Nickolas, provides a safe and discreet setting for you to learn more about fetish, to discover and better understand your own personal limits – and if you so wish – to step beyond those boundaries and enter the realms of true fetish fantasy.

With his special brand of pleasure and care, he will guide you through your fetish desires and where necessary, teach you the error of your ways. Book now and discover just how good (or bad) you’ve been. Click here to go to Master of dominance website




Here are some reviews from my clients

Nickolas puts a lot of time in prior to even meeting you for the first time, and by him building that rapport with you so well beforehand you definitely know that his intentions for you are genuine. Our 1st session together can only be described as truly beautiful; I was made to feel sexy, sensual and very cared for. Nickolas has a wonderful way of making you feel 100% safe & secure at all times which is exactly what I needed, I was definitely looking forward to my next session. Adele

I couldn’t wait for my 2nd session with Nickolas and again I wasn’t disappointed. With being as comfortable as I was, I was open to Nickolas trying a little more with me, his tenderness during our time together was very pleasurable & deeply satisfying, I just wanted more of his addictive, intoxicating touch. A truly euphoric & delightful experience! Adele

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