After working with women for the last 15 years, what I’ve learned is that so many women are absolutely mortified at the idea of giving themselves the big (0)

The reason why women feel so appalled at the idea of letting go and exploring the big (0), is because there’s all these societal norms, you know, it’s looked down upon, it’s frowned upon.

That’s not lady like.

There’s all these conditions and expectations that stop you, unlocking your absolute powerful, divine feminine energy, to just give yourself permission to just letting go.

So, what I’m going to do is give you three TIPS


No not those kinds of tips ladies, keep your mind suspended for a second.

Here’s are three hot tips that you can use right now to relax into your essence


Going Slow and speed it up, What you need to know to get out of your own head and into your body.


1. Deeper Emotional Connection

As you remove, sexual barriers, connect with your emotions, remove the barriers that maybe holding you back – sexually, intimate and emotional as you can clear the mind and connect with you body on a completely different level. As you touch, you discover and appreciate your body’s physical and emotional aspects, which in turn brings you closer to your specific needs. .
That’s not all!
When you receive a sensual massage, from a professional sensual erotic massage therapist  it enables you to deepening your emotional connection with yourself.

2. Better Physical Bonding 
When you touch or be touched during an intimate massage, pleasure hormones are released throughout your body.  
You also notice new things about yourself – like the softness of your skin and how it can really arouse you and take you to new hights.
The experience brings about an amplified bonding on the physical spirituality level.
3. Enjoying Sensual Sexual Freedom
A session with a sensual massage therapist takes place in a safe space that eliminates any judgment. This can enable you to explore your sensuality, sexual desires, what ever they are for you.
With the help of a sensual massage therapist, you can shed your sensuality, sexual inhibitions and enjoy multiple orgasms.


Take it slow

1. Set The Mood 

Candlelight, the sweet aroma of oils,  body oil, these are few things that can go a long way in making your massage session deeply satisfying. 
Here are some tips to help set the mood:
  • Lighting: Make sure the room is not too bright.  Low lighting, even candlelight, will help create a relaxed and sensual atmosphere. 
  • Temperature: Cold drafts and chilly temperatures can quickly dampen the mood.  Make sure the room is warm and draft-free. 
  • Music: It should be soothing and soft – sounds of nature, waves, rainfall are considered relaxing. Find something both you and your partner enjoy. 
  • Aroma: You can use oils, incense, or a massage candle to complement the scent of the body oil you chose for the evening. 
  • Massage Oil: This is the most important ingredient. When you seek deep relaxation.

Take it slow: Remember, the key to making an intimate massage work is taking your time. The build-up of arousal will make the whole experience worth it.
Move down- to the other areas of your body. Light touches to start to relax and arouse your skin and mind of how good it feels. Just imagine the sensation increasing and turning you on even more, as you release the tension and relax the body.
Next is the legs: Not everyone knows there are pressure points on your legs that can cause sexual arousal.  Taking your time on the legs will make you feel even more relaxed and aroused. 
Don’t forget the face: The face has many sensitive areas.  The temples, the front of the neck, and ears are all sensitive places you can pay attention to.


Twelve Levels Deep

There Are At Least 24 Types Of Orgasms: Here’s Are 9 Levels Deep

1- Clitoral orgasm

A clitoral orgasm usually refers to orgasms induced by stimulating the external part of the clitoris. The clitoris is a large, mostly internal organ that’s densely packed with nerve endings

2- Vaginal orgasm

A vaginal orgasm is a general term to describe to induce through vaginal penetration, whether by fingers, toys, or penises. Notably, less than one in five women can orgasm from vaginal penetration. 

3-Blended orgasm

A blended orgasm is when a vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm happen at the same time.

4- G-spot orgasm

The G-spot orgasm is one type of vaginal orgasm. The G-spot is an area located on the front wall of the vagina.

5- Cervical orgasm

A cervical orgasm is an orgasm induced by stimulating or pressing against the cervix.

6- Anal orgasm

Anal orgasms refer to orgasms induced through stimulating the anus, women can have strong orgasms through the anal penetration. 

8- O-spot orgasm

The O-spot is the deepest vaginal erogenous zone and can be a source of orgasmic pleasure, according to some research.

9- Multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms is the term used to describe the experience of having more than one orgasm one after the other.

10- Squirting orgasm

A squirting orgasm is an orgasm where a vagina owner ejaculates a fluid.  Some 69% of women have experienced squirting.

11- Full-body orgasm

A full-body orgasm is an orgasm that feels like it’s rippling through the whole body or making the whole body contract. “Tingling, vibrating, expansive sensations and feelings of expansiveness, peak experience, peace, and connection are all common.

12- Nipple orgasm

Some women can orgasm from nipple play alone, also known as a nipple orgasm. Nipple stimulation activates the same nerve pathways as genital stimulation when you look at the MRI scans, so don’t take breast stuff for granted during sex or masturbation.

So there are three hot tips you can take and apply right now.

In conclusion, I’ll quickly summarize what I’ve covered right

If you enjoy this And you’d like to find out how you can apply this directly into your life personally.

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So that you can get connected into with your sexuality, feel fulfilled have meaning and feel sexually and intimately  empowered.

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  • Rapidly increase your confidence in all key areas of life.
  • Eliminate hesitation and holding back so you can speak up and be you.
  • Deeply heal that feeling that you’re not good enough.
  • Breakthrough the fears stopping you from having the sexual life you relly want
  • Stop holding back and start speaking up about what you want sexually
  • Finally start living your life instead of waiting for it to just “happen” someday!
  • Freely connect with yourself
  • Finally see yourself as completely attractive and worthy of love right now (without needing to become “better” first).

Who is Nickolas Amos

“Australia’s #Sensual Erotic Massage Therapist, # Coach and Mindset Therapist” #Relationship Trauma
Nickolas Amos is the owner and operator SENSUAL MASSAGE FOR WOMEN in Sydney Australia for more than 20 years. Today Nickolas provides sensual massage to women to assist and guide women to become sexuality empowerment, increase and use their sexual energy to unleash their full potential.
Many women feel disconnected before from themselves when I first start working with them, and as I show them the intimate intricacies of sensual touch, movement and self-care … they begin to feel liberated and in tune with themselves.
My greatest satisfaction is helping women and couples’ step into their power, own their sexuality, get empowered and confident to remove the fear of self-love. The thing people hunger for the most is intimacy.
I have been fascinated by sexuality, intimacy, spirituality, and the mind from an early age and throughout my life I have moved between these different realms, never quite finding where I belong.
Until I discovered Sensual Erotic Massage, NLP and Erotic Hypnosis. I began exploring sensual and erotic massage and started mixing it with spirituality, NLP, and different states of hypnosis.
The results have been mind-blowing – and it has surprised and transformed every person I am blessed to work with.
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nick amos logo

My name is Ashley,
I am 39-year-old single mum of three from the Central Coast in New South Wales.
What I first heard of the 21-day masturbation challenge was a bit hesitant. As I have not masturbated before. Honestly, I have not been, and when I did that was like way back in my teens and I was like, kind of discovering my body, but the thoughts of actually touching myself now, would be bringing about feelings of discomfort and guilt, rather than feelings of pleasure seeking.
So, I've known for quite some time now that I need to do something about my sexuality, as I have no libido, at all. And I have not had sex in four years. I am single and I'm not interested in dating or going out with guys so intimacy for me has not been a priority at all.
And when I think about it in my marriage, intimacy, was not a priority either. I mean, for the last two and a half years of our relationship we didn't even have sex and then thinking even back before that, like there's once every other month.
But, I mean, I wasn't doing anything. It wasn't like self-pleasuring or anything like that. So, it was just out of sheer curiosity that I decided to reach out to Nickolas, and I found it safer to speak to a complete stranger about my sexual dysfunction, as opposed to somebody that I didn't know.
And during our conversations, I realized that, because he was genuine in helping women, open up with their sexuality. And It just didn't feel weird speaking to him at all, which was also a surprise because I don’t just talk to anybody about this and I don’t even talk to my friends.
So, because I could verbalize some things to him. And I didn't feel weirded out or uncomfortable. I just knew that I could trust him to guide me through this process of learning how to connect with myself.
So, we agreed on the start date, and he emailed me through some things that I needed to do to get started. So, on day one, I was really really nervous and I was completely overthinking, what I needed to do.
I tried to not go through with it so it wasn't until the evening that I actually did my first day task. But I did do it, and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. So, day two was so much easier because I had already broken down my mental barriers on day one and by day two, I was a little bit more interested in exploring my body.
And then by day three, I wanted to explore my body as a whole. And I realized that I actually quite liked to touch, and for the first time I was realizing how I haven't been touched or touched as a sensual being so it was great to feel the sensations of just touching my arms touching my legs touching my feet and touching areas outside of my body that weren't going to lead straight to sex.
That was the days were progressing I began to feel more connected to myself and to my body and then I started to have more respect for my body. I started becoming more connected and I started feeling deeply Wow. And some things started coming out for me as well, emotionally so I realized that I have been neglecting myself. While I was super busy taking care of everybody else's needs, like my children's things.
So, I realized also that I'm carrying emotions of guilt and shame unnecessarily that, you know, is it okay for us to connect with our bodies and touch our bodies as women. And then I also started becoming aware of changes that I needed to make in my personal life so that I could reconnect with myself.
By the beginning of week two. I was feeling happier and more relaxed in myself. I then realised that in my head, I then become proactive in making the changes that I needed to make, to be fully present with myself and honor myself and my needs, because I've just always been busy taking care of everybody else's bodies.
And by the end of week two, I was definitely no longer weirded out by my own sensuality and my own sexuality, and I have become super aware of touch and receptive to touch and love touch and my senses have become more open.
I've also become aware of areas of my body that really, really love touch things that I just would never ever, ever have thought of before. So overall in a challenge. I have began to slow down in every way, mentally, I'm not overwhelmed anymore, physically My senses are more receptive, emotionally, I'm just so much more happier and relaxed.
The greatest thing is like my creative space, my creativity has come out now so I'm just loving my sensations and, like putting ornaments around the house and being girly and being feminine.
I would definitely recommend this journey to anyone out there who, like me, had zero libido wasn't touching themselves had guilt and shame around the whole idea of masturbation.
It's just been the biggest learning journey to reconnect with myself in that way, and I'm just so glad that I did take that big, brave step and reach out to Nikolas for that first chat. I am supper excited about the continuing on the 21-day masturbation journey So, that's where I'm at now.  
Thank you Ashley



WOW !!! incredible, stimulating, sensual, arousing that’s just for starters I had a message last night from Nickolas and just wanted to say a big thank you. It surpassed anything I could have dreamed of Initially is was hesitant when a came across his website, it took me a week to get the courage to call and I’m not disappointed that I did. Everything is explained prior to the meeting and you are made to feel very comfortable and protected. I would highly recommend this service and if your still hesitant don’t be it’s well worth it. You won’t be disappointed do yourself a favor and discover what your body is capable of I did. A very satisfied Cathy. Cathy Client



I have been married for 20 years. My sex life is not anything special. I wanted to get the spark back. So that’s when I read Nickolas’s web site and thought that’s what I need. I called Nickolas and spoke to him about what problems I was having and if I could get my body feeling alive again. He was very good at listening to what I wanted to do. So I made a booking with him and he made me feel very comfortable and at ease straight away. We clicked so it made it easy. He is a wonderful guy and I loved every second I spend with him. He rocked my world and told me to love my body and try new things that I had never done. And how to touch and feel my body. It’s the best thing I have done in my life so I’m smiling and feeling alive again. So thank you, Nickolas, I will book you again soon. Bella – Sensual Overnight Encounter For Women



Kimberly Thank you so much for a great evening!!! Feeling so good today!!! What a night !! As a woman experiencing this massage for the first time, many things went through my head. What will happen? What will he do? Can I really enjoy this? My husband arranged this for my birthday and all I can say is WOW!!! From the first contact with Nick on the phone to meeting him in person, a good rapport was built. Nick has a great way of making you feel comfortable and he is so down to earth – yet very professional throughout the whole session. Nick made it possible for me to relax and go with the flow to what I was comfortable with the whole time. Nick showed me things that I didn’t know I would react to and I am definitely grateful for. The massage for women was something definitely worth experiencing. Kind Regards, Kimberly


Client Testimonial

I have just spent the best 2 hours of my life with Nickolas. His communication is fantastic. Helping me to not only be prepared and know what to expect, but it helped to get me physically primed also. The massage experience was made better by the atmosphere he creates, making me immediately comfortable. He read my body's needs and desires so well and responded perfectly. He teased me until finally bringing me to the most fulfilling climax. He, for this reason alone, is worth his weight in gold. If you are considering a professional, discreet service, Nickolas is what you want, and need. Signed Loli

Intensive program was an exceptional experience

Emma's Testimonial Client

I first contacted Nickolas on 7th January 2020 as I was fascinated about what I had read about him and his services. I was curious to know if he could help me with my body image issues/confidence, as well as sexual challenges. I remember being extremely nervous on our first phone conversation, however, Nickolas had this calm/ soothing effect, where he was able to put my mind at ease pretty much straight away. His friendly, outgoing nature enables you to feel comfortable and safe when discussing issues, you are having as well as being able to express your feelings or desires without feeling judged. The homework he gave me was instrumental in my massage treatment being such an amazing experience and I highly recommend that you do whatever homework/ exercise he gives you, in order to truly benefit from this amazing experience! I saw Nickolas last Saturday and I am extremely blown away at how well it went. There were some nerves at first, but I went back to the exercises he had given me and by the time he arrived at my hotel room, I was fully relaxed and ready to begin my journey of self-discovery and pleasure. I was no longer ashamed of my body and I had this inner confidence which I did not have before! I went from not ever experiencing orgasm to having multiple orgasms during our session! I remember feeling so relaxed and intensely satisfied with our session. He helped me discover things about my mind and body that I was not aware of before and has given me some tools to further develop myself. Nickolas is truly a genuine and knowledgeable guy who cares about you and your journey and he demonstrated this by spending a further time, after our session had ended, just sitting with me in the hotel room and chatting freely about the experience and anything else I felt like talking about, with him! He is truly amazing at what he does, and I would highly recommend him and his services.

Questions about the sensual and erotic content of my treatment

There are a few steps to be able to book in your experience with us. It may seem a little long winded but it’s to ensure that you’ve read through what we offer and our FAQs so there are no grey areas. We want to ensure you’re booking with us is for the right reasons, and these few hoops show us that you’re not rushing into an ill-informed decision.

1- Read fully through the website and then once you have made a decision to want discuss what's may be best option for you and what experience you would like to explore, and If you have any ideas of what you’d like and want to explore we can chat about all the options.

2- Familiarise yourself with the FAQs - most questions clients usually have are answered here it is comprehensive and there is FAQ'S on what you might expect from your experience. You can always ask any other question when you make an inquire, if there’s there is anything we haven’t already answered. Once you’re happy with these, click the button at the bottom to take you to the treatment inquiry form.

3- Fill in the initial treatment enquiry form with brief details on yourself, your motivations for coming for intimate physical exploration and what you’d like to get out of a treatment. Once we’ve received this, we’ll be in touch usually within 48 hours or 2 working days to organise a phone call to discuss your enquiry and decide on your experience session. 


4-  You’ll be asked to fill out an Authorisation and Requests form for the treatment of your choice. Once we receive this back and am happy to go ahead, you’ll be contacted to discuss your experience and organise an you appointment times and dates.


5- Once we have discussed the details and you want to make an appointment, we then ask for a 50% deposit to hold your booking time and a confirmations needs to be emailed or texted through to   confirm your booking and then we will email you or call you for the next steps and any other information you may need. We look forward to helping you improve your sexual health and well being!

We see anybody over the age of 18  years old to 60 and may ask for ID if necessary, especially if you’re lucky enough to look under 25.

We do use a combination of different modalities with our massage experiences. This is an amazing  opportunity to explore your sexuality and sensuality safely and discreetly. Our approach focuses on sexual health and intimacy challenges and issues rather than being overly spiritual. The bodywork is about taking us back to our deepest feelings of intimacy, sensual, sexual arousal and does not include any spiritual ceremony or focus on ‘energies’. We help you relax with some work on breathing as that is the flow for sexual energy to move around your entire body mind.

We always ask clients to complete an Authorisation & Requests Form before giving the first appointment. This enables you to create the experience you want, including what type and what intensity of arousal you like to experience. It also enables you to identify any cautious area of exploration or complete “no go areas”.

I totally understand your resistance, but rest assured I am a professional masseur; It is best that you have no barriers  so that I can provide the experience and service to the full range of its possibility and potential. If you are clothed this will be very difficult to provide you with the experience and service to it's full rang and potential. With the sensual massage experience is all about being naked to explore your sensuality, sexuality and intimacy at a new level.

If you would like me to undress you and shower you, this is absolutely possible. Otherwise you can have a shower before we arrive privately.

Yes, we do give body to body unless requested not to. The treatment involves some body to body contact as well as using our hands, we also use arms, elbows and if appropriate body weight, and even a body slide this will depend on you and the specific experience, however this can be adjusted to suit your comfort.

I do not provide photos. As I am very aware of the internet and where photos can end up. I am a professional and do provide my service in the the corporate environment my privacy and confidentiality is paramount. As I protect your privacy in the same way.

Absolutely all you have to do is follow the steps in how to book and I am more than happy to chat to you about any questions or queries you might have.

Rates are only discussed after you have completed the Steps How To Book Experience.
As this is very personalized and every session is different the rate is dependable on your specific requirements and needs.

Safety is the number one priority. All safety persuasions are taking care of at all times.

Yes I am fully naked so that there are no barriers and all the barriers are removed for your experience as the experience is about you. Some experiences may require more body contact as long as boundaries are respected and at our discretion.

I do suggest you concentrate on your own sensations at the beginning of your experience without giving any pleasure back. We all need chance to explore our own bodies and not be distracted by two-way touch. As to session progress there will be opportunities for you to touch as a tease and tactile sensations can be big part of arousal. 

The experience is completely up to you and it all about your comparability. It's best to just allow yourself to be open and free organically this is your opportunity to explore and express naturally and without any other distractions and judgements. Everything is all about your pleasure on your terms. You will have many opportunities to play and arouse the therapist. The is the chance to play out whatever you like your rules you adult play ground

Kissing is very personal and this is all up to you and if the therapist is OK to kiss. Always ask? and giving and receiving oral is all up to you and if the therapist is OK with it and it is what you want as this is all about freedom to play organically.

Not at all. People are programmed to make noise when aroused, it is our mating call. We encourage you to be as verbal as you want and to express your pleasure in any way you want. As your therapist, we respond to making it as good for you as we can. The more you respond the more we can confidently give and advise.

This is very possible as long as we are advised before hand so that the therapist is aware of your needs and requirements. It can be, external only or internal. We often find that once the arousal has heightened some exploration in this area is wanted but are always guided by your responses.

I generally do not use toys as this is not a natural exploration. I teach my clients to only use there hands during masturbation or intimacy. Toys should only be use if you really want to and is requested.

The focus of the experience is a whole body orgasm not just a local genital one. it is also about the intimacy and sensations. It also about the four play from the building up to one more intense climax and possibly multiple smaller ones; and for women multiple orgasm is more common.

This is all up to you and is about how you feel at that particular time. If you feel that that is some thing you want to explore, the therapist will ask you for consent to be clear that this is what you want. And only then we can continue on your request. 

Fetishes can be an important part of arousal for many women. We can discuss this option when you make your inquire, so that we can get a clear understanding of what it is you want to explore or I can guide you with this option. I can provide and include light BDSM, light spanking and MUCH MUCH more.

We do take requests for specific session like BDSM.  Please let us know if this is something you would like to explore.

Photography and video are not  permitted under no circumstances.

The sessions are no less than 2 hours
If you would like longer just let us know by requesting longer experience and what your needs are we can discuss longer sessions and experiences.

We do offer other services like over night, BDSM, Erotic Hypnosis and if you have something in mind let us know.

I am a mature male who is medium build European back ground.


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As with any business services, your results may vary and will be based on your individual specific circumstances and openness and level of desire.
There are no guarantees concerning what you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will have the same level as it is different for each and every individual. Each individual’s success depends on her background, dedication, desire and motivation.
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for when I Reopen There will be a Special Offer only on the Call Please Ask Me