"I Offer Premium Reliable, Discreet, Sensual Erotic Massage To Females With Opulent Teasing for Maximum Anticipation and Extended Pleasure In Sydney"

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Sensual Massage, provide a sensual full body massage to women... 

Just Imagine being in a room with smooth music playing in the background, nice aromatic candles, dim lighting and an atmosphere that will transport you into a space of pure serenity. As you are handed a glass of wine to celebrate the journey of erotic touch and orgasmic pleasure.

Imagine being slowly corseted, stroked in ways you always wanted. Just imagine how that would make you feel to only find out and uncover those areas of sensitivity in places you never would have thought of... No, not those spots.

A place that you can express your self and be free to play on your terms. Let go be free and try new things. Give yourself permission to explore new territory of sensually and sexually…imagine a touch of passion and play.

I want you to imagine now as you focus on the words and your mind is away as your conscious mind is listening very closely.

Now imagine you massage therapist walking in to greet you, hands you a bottle of your favorite wine, as you pour the wine you therapist sets up to the ambiance of the room with nice candles soft background music, dimming the lights and setting up the massage table with a nice soft sheet and organic massage oil. 

You sit on the lounge, your massage therapist explains to you what’s about to happen in your session of pure please as you start to feel excited about the journey of sensual erotic sensation play. 

And then..... ??

I adore indulging women of all ages, from all backgrounds & of all shapes & sizes. My sensual massage for women is limited only by your imagination. 

Rest assured, all of our interactions will be kept private and confidential. I will never compromise your (or my own) security or safety at any time. Whatever your situation or status, I operate without judgment and will treat your inquiry and/or booking with the dignity and respect you deserve. 

I am a vibrant Male, Sydney-based sensual massage for women. Specializing in private sessions that plays with your senses and your profound desires. As a highly skilled professional, I can cater to a variety of sensual or erotic interests, that most appeal to you:

My Service is specially designed for women seeking sensuality, intimacy, touch, passion & play.