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A message from Nickolas

As this is a personal professional service, I cater to your every need, desire, dream or secret desire.

My sensual massage services are designed to take your mind and body to a new level of consciousness where it is possible 
to achieve a total and complete state of pleasure and relaxation.
 I strongly believe that a sensual massage feels good when it is offered with positive intent and passion.

As a professional masseuse, I have a good personality, I am open minded, experienced and passionate in the art of sensual erotic massage, and I will guide you into a luxurious experience of feelings and sensations.

Reward and inspire yourself by taking a journey through the discoveries of your body.


Sensual Massage for Women – For Ladies

Ladies, close your eyes, turn off your mind, and enter a stress-free world of full body pleasure.
In the comfort of your own hotel suite discover your sensuality in a way you have never experienced before with my unique sensual massage for women, a massage which is all about you.

Comfort, Safety and Relaxation

It’s natural to feel nervous before your first sensual massage, however be assured that I will relax you thoroughly, and help you enter the world of self discovery. Together, we will take a journey into the land of fantasy. Regardless of your size, shape, age, nationality or ethnicity, I am a highly qualified massage therapist and expert at making you feel good about your body, and tend to your needs in a caring, and arousing way. I provide a truly personalized service, tailored precisely to your own preferences and desires.

What to expect during your Sensual Massage

I will slowly assist you peal back the layers of your deeper desires and fantasies, to allow your entire body and mind to feel those natural sensations as you are being nurtured. You will be able to open up to new levels of awareness of what you like and want more of in your own sexuality, sensuality and sex life to a much deeper level as you start to dissolve more and more layers and begin to experience your true self.

A combination of breathing techniques and therapeutic massage techniques are blended and applied with professionalism to take you through your ultimate sensual journey. I will start by asking you to sit or lie down and then to close your eyes and we will start by synchronizing our breathing as I will take you on a mind journey of guided relaxation to allow you to be completely relaxed so that your mind and body are one. Once you are completely  relaxed and fully present and centered, I will then guide you to lie on your front, ready to enjoy the pleasures to come. You will be caressed with warm organic coconut massage oil, heightening your sexual senses.

Starting with slowly applying the oil on your entire body, as I slowly cares you with my hands spreading the worm massage oil from the top of your head and slowly all the way down to your feet and everything in-between. I will focus more on your entire body to allow total freedom of expression.

Vaginal Massage (we’re calling the vagina a ‘yoni’)

Then I will slowly move towards your thighs and yoni. I will massage you sensually. Your sexual energy increases and builds even more. As I continue to massage your entire body and assist you to connect mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The Full body sensual massage will allow you to experience multiple sensations thought out your mind and body.

Your Therapist

Hi I’m Nickolas. I’m a highly skilled male expert massage therapist.
Nickolas is A fully qualified massage therapist with over 15 years experience. click here
Sensual Massage For Women is the ultimate sensual massage. A women can experience , tailored to provide a truly memorable experience.


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Did you know that 71% of women do “NOT Reach Orgasm” ???
According to the Kinsey Institute, 71% of women do NOT reach orgasm regularly with their partners or on their own?…

I have designed this service with the intention of assisting women just like you, to connect with your mind , body, and soul to gain  a deeper understanding of your sexual and intimate needs.  I will also help you discover a clearer understanding of your specific sexual road map for deeper sensual connection with your own pleasure and intimate self first. After this you will be better able to surrender completely to and deeply experience, all future sexual pleasure.  My goal and intention is to assist you and help you to reach new peaks of erotic pleasure that you never thought possible in a completely safe, confidential, and judgmental free environment. 

Every woman should experience an erotic sensual-body to body massage once in her lifetime.

I would want encourage you to have a friendly no pressure, discrete private confidential phone call about your specific challenges needs, desires, wants and or fantasies.  For a faster and speedy response please click on the button to make an inquiry now.

  • Become aware of your beliefs in both thought and action, revealing the issues that need to be worked on regarding habits, health, body image, sexual technique, and sexual practice.
  • Learn and accept there is nothing wrong with you. You are ok. Like most women, you have not been taught or have not had the correct training in sensuality sexuality and self-discovery.
  • Learn specific techniques for you and your sexual practices so that you know EXACTLY what to do in order to get the pleasurable results you crave
  • Feel more sexual, sensual, turned on, and alive.
  • Tap into your sexual energy and your sexual self.
  • Feel confident with your sexuality, feel more in your body, and feel more confident.
  • Understand how you can use the sexual power of your pleasure and ecstasy in a way to explore and experience pleasure in different ways in your life.

Does this sound like a journey that you are interested in exploring? Are you ready to change your life and your relationship with yourself?

Do you want to make those changes in a way that will; ensure you have an amazing sex life for the rest of your life?

Lets Talk first. Schedule a Free consultation to explore your next step!

I assist and help with sexual performance, inability to orgasm and overcoming fears around physical intimacy and sex.

I trained in therapeutic and Swedish massage – Remedial Massage and other forms of massage in 1995. In 2017- I completed my training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingNeuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind! I have a master’s degree in Hypnotherapy and I have completed several courses on intimacy relationships. Early on in my career I quickly realized that just providing bodywork was not enough so I saw the benefit of combining all of my skills to create an integrative treatment that could treat mind, body, emotions to support women, couples who were experiencing sexual challenges or performance problems. I called this treatment Psychological Sensual Therapy.

Here are some reviews from my clients

Nickolas puts a lot of time in prior to even meeting you for the first time, and by him building that rapport with you so well beforehand you definitely know that his intentions for you are genuine. Our 1st session together can only be described as truly beautiful; I was made to feel sexy, sensual and very cared for. Nickolas has a wonderful way of making you feel 100% safe & secure at all times which is exactly what I needed, I was definitely looking forward to my next session. Adele

I couldn’t wait for my 2nd session with Nickolas and again I wasn’t disappointed. With being as comfortable as I was, I was open to Nickolas trying a little more with me, his tenderness during our time together was very pleasurable & deeply satisfying, I just wanted more of his addictive, intoxicating touch. A truly euphoric & delightful experience! Adele